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Testimonials On Flight Compensation Scheme - Regulation 261/2004

airport delays testimonial from a Luton passenger

"Last October, our international flight was delayed due to Mexico hurricane and we lost a full day of vacation. I have been told by the holiday rep that I should write a letter in order to get a refund, but when I asked who I should send the letter to, he could not give me a clear answer. I did not want to waste time calling or writing to the wrong office so I made so research online. On an holiday forum I read many posts of people getting great results under the new airport delays compensation scheme so I decided to give it a go. I am delighted by the result.

Claiming via the flight compensation scheme was really easy and surprisingly swift. We received over £1500 within weeks without having to make a single phone call or write any letter. Certainly the easiest money I have ever made."

Miss V. Pearl - Birmingham
airport delays compensation testimonal from an Heathrow traveller

"I had a 3 year old business flight delay litigation that seemed impossible to resolve. Over Christmas dinner, my brother in law was talking about new EU regulation and he told us that he got over £500 without lifting a finger.

He told me to check out the Airport Delays website and I must admit that on this occasion my brother in law was absolutely right. The whole process was effortless and I got my money within weeks. I would recommend Airport Delays Compensation Scheme to anyone. They are professional and courteous, but most of all, they get you the money you deserve.

Finding the Flight Compensation Scheme was such a relief,
I really can't thank you enough."

Mr.D.A McIntire - London

What Is The Flight Compensation Scheme?

Airport Delays Compensation

Airport delays or flight compensation scheme have been put in place to help travellers get their money back swiftly. Our team will take care of all bureaucratic steps for you and it will make sure that your cheque reaches you within weeks. Use the online calculator now and see how much money you are entitled to.
This is your right, this is your money.
Claim it or lose it forever.

EC Regulation 261/2004

Under the latest European Government rules, all airlines must pay compensation for cancelled or heavily delayed flights. Indeed, in accord with EC regulation 261/2004 all British and European passengers may claim compensation if they experience:
- Flight delays over 3 hours
- Flight cancellation
- Deny of boarding due to overbooking
- Flight re-routing
- Missed connection

In order to help you cope with the delay, the airline company must offer meals, refreshments and hotel accommodation as appropriate whilst passengers wait for a rearranged flight. The law also stipulates that all transport costs between the hotel and the airport must be covered by the airline company. There are absolutely no monetary limits on the provision of this assistance.

Currently the regulation allows passengers to submit claims for flight delays dating from 2010 onwards, but all past and new claims must submitted as soon as possible. Act now.